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Alfredo Lando –  Photographer

A special thanks to my dear friend photographer Alfredo Lando, who has taken so many photos of me over the years. An infinite, heartfelt thanks!

Alessandro Guatti – Videomaker / Photographer / Film Critic

A heartfelt thanks to Alessandro Guatti Gini for his many insights on my video “A Man Called Legend”. His choice of location, lighting, storyline, etc… were decisions that made for a fun video.

Michela LivoniGraphic Designer

An incredibile graphic designer! Every idea she proposed was great. She did the graphics on the NAPOLANGELES CD “Tale of two Cities”. She also did some nice ideas on my new business cards. Her contributions were just what I needed.

Eugenio BonettiSound Engineer

He is my “Soul Mate” and trusted engineer in the recording studio. He has also resolved technical problems that seemed impossible. Always there with his expertise and always a great guy!

Mauro Andreolli – Mastering Engineer

A tip of the cap to Mauro Andreolli who has been instrumental in mastering my songs including the CD “Different Faces” and several subsequent singles. He taught me valuable lessons on preproduction & readying my songs for the final, mastering phase.

Giuseppe MarchiArt Director / Graphic Design

A very  special thanks  to Giuseppe Marchi, who provided the imaginative graphics for my CD “Different Faces”.

Domenico SummaPhotographer

A very special thanks to Domenico Summa for his wonderful festival photos.

Ezio MarronePhotographer

A very special thanks to Ezio Marrone for his wonderful festival photos.